Tips if you get injured due to defect on landowners property

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Tips to Follow if you get injured on a property of another due to a defect on landowner’s property:


1)    If you fall down, be careful before getting up to make sure that your body is okay to be able to sustain your body weight, so that you do not further injure yourself. If you cannot get up safely call out for others to help you;

2)    After you fall down and get up, look down to see what you fell upon and note exactly what it is so you can report it to person responsible for the area;

3)    Make sure to report to the responsible party of the land that you fell down and tell them upon what you fell, in order that way they can fix the defect so another does not fall;

4)    If you fill out an incident report at the owner’s request, explain all of the injuries you are feeling and make sure to indicate on the form, if true, that you did not see the defect until after you had already fallen;

5)    If there are any witnesses nearby try to obtain their information so they can give a statement if necessary about what happened later;

6)    If you have a camera phone take a picture of what you fell upon, because sometimes the owner of the establishment may claim that there never was a defect or will fix the defect after the fact and claim it never existed in the first place;

7)    Seek immediate medical attention  after you fall to check on your injuries;

8)    If you are contacted by the owner, an investigator or the owner’s insurance company in the days that follow you falling, do not give them a statement of any type, as they will often try to obtain information from you to use against you later;

9)    Contact an attorney immediately to help protect your rights and help you receive compensation for injuries, losses and damages that you suffered needlessly because the landowner failed to follow basic safety laws of our state.

Please contact Tindall Law Firm, LLC at 203 755-0018  if you have been the victim of a fall due to a defect on another’s property. We are experienced and have been successful in fighting for our clients so they receive just and fair compensation.