Motorcycle Accidents- Not Being Seen by other vehicles

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Motorcycle accidents are an epidemic. Using the justification that one did not see the motorcyclist is unacceptable.

Motorcyclists ride for several reasons: From wanting to be on the open road, to simply attempting to save gas due to the rising prices. Regardless, the majority of motorcyclists take precautions to insure they are always in the safest possible place they could be while on the road.

What Can People Do to Begin Seeing Motorcycles?

Many people know about the “Start Seeing Motorcycles” bumper sticker. Sadly, many individuals who display that bumper sticker have lost family or friends or have been influenced by a motorcycle accident.

Motor vehicle operators have to take the following steps to be sure motorcyclists are safe on the road. Share the road with motorcycles. Observe traffic rules. Allow adequate cushion between automobiles and motorcycles. Cars take longer to stop and a sluggish reaction time could potentially cause injury to a motorcyclist. Watch for motorcycles. One instance of failing to follow the traffic safety rules of the road can cause serious damage to another on a motorcycle.

Motorcycle accidents occur more frequently than many believe. Many times, when a car or truck is involved with the motorcycle accident, the excuse is usually, “they didn’t see you,” which is a horrible excuse.

These precautions below should be taken by motorcycle drivers to reduce the risk of colliding with another vehicle:

-Wear a helmet it can be a lifesaver: The leading source of death in motorcycle accidents is head injury. Statistics show that a motorcyclist who isn’t wearing a helmet is 40% more prone to die of a head injury if involved in an accident then a motorcyclist that is wearing a helmet.

– Check your T-CLOCS: Tires, Wheels, Controls, Lights, Oil, Chassis, and Stand prior to deciding to get on your bike.

– Always be mindful of your surroundings and your environment: Always stay alert of other vehicles around you, keep a look out for hazards on the roads like oil spills or grease spots, and always check on how the weather is going to be before go out to ride.

At Tindall Law firm, LLC we are very experienced in helping those injured in motorcycle accidents, which are caused by the wrongful conduct of another who violates the traffic safety rules. We fight on your behalf to help you receive the just compensation to which you are entitled to cover the harms and losses, which you have sustained. Please contact us with any questions on this topic or any other legal issues by calling us at (203) 755-0018 or visiting us online at http: //tindall-lawfirm. com/ with all your legal needs.