Injuries Sustained at Holiday Parties- Who is liable

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Injuries Sustained at Holiday Parties  — Who is liable for the Harms and Losses Sustained by Innocent Parties?

The holiday seasons are approaching and this means that there are often many holiday parties that will be organized in various homes and offices.


Unfortunately, often innocent individuals sustain sometime catastrophic injuries due to some poor decisions made by the host of the parties or their invited guests. There is little that is worse than becoming injured during the holiday season. It is normally a time when you are hoping to relax and enjoy families, friends and good memories – not face the grim reality of painful days and night recovering from injuries that have been needlessly inflicted upon you by the wrongful and careless actions of another. The team here at Tindall Law Firm, LLC has put some information together to inform any of you, who may be the unwitting victim of injuries during the holiday season due the wrongful conduct of another.

Who is liable?

Social hosts

Connecticut law holds party hosts liable if another sustains personal injuries, due to the failure to follow safety measures by the host. This is especially true if the host serves alcohol to guests, who are intoxicated, which makes them unsafe to drive or be around other innocent parties. Unfortunately, this situation happens all too often, with disastrous and sometimes fatal consequences to innocent parties who suffer at the hands of the intoxicated guest.  Liabilities mostly trigger when party hosts keep on supplying or serving guests with more alcohol even when it is clear they are drunk or intoxicated and they end up being the reason why accidents are caused either to themselves or to other invited guests at the party. Connecticut law also comes down hard on social hosts serving alcohol to minors who cause innocent parties harm.  In addition to the criminal penalties that attach for serving alcohol to minors, the host can also be liable for punitive damages and attorney’s fees for this type of service of alcohol to intoxicated minors.


Homeowners also can be liable as set forth above as hosts, but also can be held liable if a guest injures themselves while at the homeowner’s property if the property contains a defect that causes another to become injured.  This could be from a wet floor, slippery floor, defective carpet, icy and snow covered sidewalk or steps, and other similar type of defects. This is why homeowners should be very careful when they hold parties when others are on their premises, and should be extra cautious to look for both internal and external dangers to others.

The homeowner also needs to make sure that all decorations are safe, without any open flames that can lead to fires.

If anyone sustains injuries due the safety violations of another discussed above during the holiday season or any other time please contact us at Tindall Law Firm, LLC, so we can help you through this difficult process. We are very experienced and compassionate in helping those injured.

The team at Tindall Law Firm, LLC, wishes you and your families a safe and joy filled holiday season. Please contact us if we can ever be of service 203-755-0018.