There are Devastating Effects Upon The Life Of Those inflicted by a TBI

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Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) Aren’t Uncommon And Can Have Devastating Effects Upon The Life Of Those inflicted by a TBI

Perhaps you’ve taken a header off of your mountain bike; maybe you slid out of control in your car, or perhaps you simply slipped in the bath tub. Traumatic brain injuries, also referred to as TBI, are caused by a bump, a blow or a jolt to your head. They can also be caused by something penetrating your head. This act of a bump, jolt or penetration can disrupt the normal function of your brain and can cause a number of alarming problems, such as memory loss, difficulty concentrating or forming coherent thoughts, horrific headaches, dizziness, blurred vision and many other debilitating conditions.

Many people think that these TBI injuries aren’t common, but the truth is, they are one of the major causes of disability and even death in the United States today. TBIs contribute to around 30 percent of injury deaths. This brings up the next question, who is most vulnerable to TBI? The answer may surprise you, it’s newborns to 4 year olds. Coming in next are young adults who are between 15 and 24 and then adults who are over age 75.

Too often, unfortunately TBIs are needlessly caused by the wrongful actions of another who fails to follow basic measures of safety in operating a vehicle, keeping their premises safe of any dangerous tripping or slipping hazards, or placing a product in commerce that is unsafe for its users. Their careless and needless actions can cause a lifetime of harms and losses for you the innocent party harmed by this wrongful conduct. After seeking medical treatment from a neurologist and neuropsychologist who specializes in treating these injuries,  seek the advice of an attorney experienced in handling TBI cases immediately after sustaining these injuries at the hands of another.

Most people never contact a liability attorney or a doctor when they are suffering from a TBI, thinking that with time they will recover. This is a huge mistake that can leave a person untreated medically with severe or permanent problems and facing the prospect of job loss and other financial loss due to this condition caused by the wrongful conduct of another.

A mild TBI could cause some temporary dysfunction in the brain cells. More serious TBIs can cause bruising as well as torn tissues, bleeding and even other physical damage to your brain that can result in a long term complication or even death.

Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury

A hit from a baseball down the foul line is called a blunt force trauma. Currently, blunt force trauma is the second most leading cause of TBI. This accounts for up to 14 percent of all TBIs in the U.S. alone.

Vehicle collisions, motorcycles and bicycles are the third leading cause of TBIs.

High impact sports such as football, soccer, baseball, boxing, skateboarding evan even hockey are all potential TBI causes as well.

While some of the symptoms may appear immediately upon impact, others may wait for days or weeks before they appear. There are several reasons for this. The degree of damage will depend upon many factors. These factors may include the nature of the impact, which cells are damaged, and if the brain moved back and forth in the skull,  such as it does during times of severe whiplash. Rotational or spinning can cause cellular tearing as well as bleeding on the brain. Blood clots and swelling can then disrupt the supply of oxygen and spread causing even more damage.

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

A concussion is a TBI. Signs and symptoms often include loss of consciousness from a few seconds up to several minutes. The patient may be dazed and confused as well as have disorientation and memory loss. Concentration issues, headaches, loss of balance, dizziness and nausea or vomiting may also occur.

Additional problems may also include blurred vision as well as ears ringing or a bad taste in your mouth. Becoming sensitive to light and sound are also signs of a concussion. It’s important to watch for mood swings or changes as well. If the patient feels depressed, anxious, fatigued or drowsy they may well have a concussion. Sleeping longer than normal, or difficulty sleeping are also important clues to doctors. Even though this is termed “minor” it can still be very serious and does require immediate attention and accurate diagnosis.

Traumatic Brain Injury Moderate to Severe

The signs and symptoms of more moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries will include all of the possible signs mentioned above and may appear immediately or several days later. These more serious injuries will also include loss of consciousness for a longer period of time that may be several minutes up to several hours. Extreme confusion, unable to awake from sleep, numbness or weakness in fingers and toes, persistent headaches that may become worse, loss of coordination, vomiting and nausea as well as convulsions and seizures. Pupils of the eyes may be dilated and the eyes may have clear fluids draining from them as well as they ears and nose.

Children’s Symptoms

Since young children as well as infants can’t talk yet, they aren’t able to tell you that their head hurts or they are having visual issues. They may feel the same symptoms as adults. If you notice a difference in how your child eats, sleeps or nurses, if your child cries a lot more and is unable to be consoled, pay attention. It could be serious. Children fall a lot as they learn to walk.

When To See Your Doctor

Always seek medical care if you have any signs of a traumatic brain injury after a fall or blow to the head, after big involved in a car accident, after falling on some dangerous condition on property. These symptoms must be assessed quickly in order to provide the right care to the patient.

We at Tindall Law Firm, LLC are very experienced in helping individual who suffer from a TBI due to the needless wrongful actions of another, who failed to follow the most basic safety rules causing a car accident, causing someone to fall due to a dangerous condition on their property, or due to injuries to the head inflicted by a defective or dangerous product of another. Please contact us to answer any questions you have at 203 755-0018.