The History of Workers’ Compensation in Connecticut

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How Long will it take for a Personal Injury or Accident Lawsuit
August 31, 2020
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Black Friday and Premises Liability
November 16, 2020

The History of Workers’ Compensation in Connecticut – The journey to workers having a voice and a safe working environment was a long one. Since the 1800s employees have had to fight for any compensation for injuries that occurred “at the workplace” or “on the job” and they have been evolving ever since. The safety measures and legal standing that employees have today are far better than during the industrial revolution. Workplace injuries in the mid 1800’s were solely the physical and financial responsibility of the worker. It took years of fighting, a series of laws, and many public protests to get where we are today. We must remember those that fought this battle in the beginning of the 20th century so that workers’ injury claims now have guaranteed and fair benefits. 

 Workers’ Compensation – The Beginning

The dawn of the 20th century brought the increase of heavy machinery, the demands of the assembly and production lines as well as product demand during the industrial revolution. It was these changes to the workplace that established, and demanded, that workers have protections and lead to the need for a fair workers’ compensation system. By 1884 Germany had already enacted protections for workers followed by England in 1897.

Prior to these protections injured employees had no assistance, financial help, or protections. Due to the high volume of cases and costly legal battles, that few could afford, there were long delays often settling on the side of the businesses that had the ability to retain the best representation. Many of those that suffered injury and illness in the workplace were left to cover their medical expenses to their financial ruin, leaving a once vibrant worker destitute and on welfare.

Connecticut was not the first state to enact Workers’ compensation legislation but over the years, through many changes and legal adaptations, it has become so much more than when the laws were originally passed. These changes provided for employees that were injured on the job or those who may have suffered an illness due to poor air or health standards for services rendered. It did not matter who was at fault for the accident or illness, these laws were now in place to help workers who were injured on the job receive compensation for medical costs and the resulting disability if needed. Workers’ compensation laws also specified fair amounts of benefits for injured employees, protecting employers from disastrous financial losses therefore protecting their business and other workers. Workers’ compensation additionally prohibited injured workers from filing a lawsuit against their employer and required the employer to pay the stated amount of benefits. This was the beginning stages to offering a solution to the growing need for established workers’ rights.  

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