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Reckless vs Negligent
Reckless vs. Negligent
November 8, 2021
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Does Connecticut have a Social Host Liability?
March 18, 2022

Deliveries are on the rise, now more than ever and so are Connecticut deliver driver accidents. Since the pandemic began in March of 2020 many people have switched to online shopping and deliveries. During the holiday season even more purchases were made online.

If you have been injured by an accident caused by a delivery driver in Connecticut via auto accident you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Who would be considered a delivery driver in Connecticut?

  • UPS, FedEx, DHL, or UPS Drivers
  • Amazon Delivery Drivers
  • Door Dash, Instacart or Grubhub Drivers
  • Uber, Lasership, Gopuff Divers
  • Pizza Delivery Drivers and other restaurants

Is a deliver driver responsible if he or she causes an accident with injuries due to negligence in Connecticut?

Delivery drivers are often dealing with pressures that typical drivers are not facing. While driving a delivery route drivers have the pressure of staying on schedule, finding the correct address for the delivery, and operating a large vehicle on oftentimes smaller neighborhood and rural roadways.

The roads are overflowing with delivery drivers each day, with so many vehicles in operation and drivers with many different levels of experience therein lay a larger risk of potential accidents. Responsibility for harms caused by a delivery truck driver lies with the driver and the company for whom he or she works.

The Delivery Driver’s Employer Responsibility.

In the case that the driver which was negligent was an employee of a delivery company such as UPS, Amazon, FedEx or the US Postal Service, AND the accident was caused while they were on the clock working for the employer, then the employer will have what is called vicarious liability for the wrongful acts of their employee in operating a vehicle. To bring a claim or suit against the company employing the driver or if the driver is an agent of the company, your attorney will have to prove the following:

First, the driver that was involved in the accident must have been employed by the company or hired as an agent of the company performing the company’s work;

Second, the driver must have been on duty at the time of the accident working for the company;

Third, the driver must have been conducting regular work activities for the company and not doing things for themselves outside of company duties.

What “damages” can you be compensated for from a delivery driver in a Connecticut auto accident?

Some of the following damages can be included in the claim or lawsuit filed against the negligent delivery driver and the company for whom they work:

Reduced Value of Your Vehicle;

Rental Car Reimbursement or loss of use of your vehicle;

Lost Income to date;

Future lost income and impairment of one’s future earning capacity;

Past and future medical expenses;

Replacement cost of personal property damaged or lost in accident (e.g., damage to your car, broken glasses, watch, etc.);

Funeral expenses;

Past/Future Pain and suffering;

Temporary or Permanent Disability

Scarring, disfigurement, and mental anguish

If a delivery driver hits and injures you in Connecticut, there is a time limit to sue. In the case of an accident involving the driver and his or her company, typically you must file suit prior to the 2-year statute of limitations expiring. However, if the at fault party is a governmental or municipal employee the time periods can be shorter and there are strict notice requirements on some of these cases. As such, you need to seek legal help immediately after being a victim of injuries due to the negligence of a delivery driver and his company. The Tindall Law Firm, LLC, provides nearly 25 years of experienced representation to injury victims and their families in Connecticut. We understand your concerns because we have helped thousands of people who were faced with the same issues after a serious injury or a wrongful death. To schedule a free consultation with a Waterbury personal injury lawyer, please call  203.755.0018 today.