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Does Connecticut have Social Host Liability
Does Connecticut have a Social Host Liability?
March 18, 2022
Workplace Injuries and Summer Jobs
Workplace Injuries and Summer Jobs
July 13, 2022

Summertime in Connecticut is just a few weeks away. You will see your neighbors emerging from their hibernation ready to enjoy recreational activities outdoors again. Keep in mind that summertime in Connecticut is a busy time for injury related accidents. In this article we want to review a couple of activities you should watch for this summer.

Tindall Law Firm,LLC is here to help you if you suffer an injury from a hazard on a private, public, or commercial property.  

Connecticut law requires that property owners are to keep their premises safe. Summertime activities enjoyed at local resorts, county and private swimming pools, local amusement parks, along with other locations, you expect to enjoy safely.  We take personal injury cases very seriously and devote the time and resources necessary to bring your case to a successful resolution. As a lawyer, with 25 years of experience in personal injury abd worker’s comp Attorney Tavis Tindall understands the importance of working closely with clients from beginning to end. From car accidents to slip-and-fall accidents and spinal cord injuries, attorney Tindall and his staff provide quality service while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

The duty to maintain one’s property in a safe manner differs slightly based on the location of the premises and who is coming on one’s property. These parameters will vary due to the many different factors each property presents. Overall, property owners that fail to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition can be held liable for injury to visitors. 

Summer Hazards Commonly Presented in Premises Liability Claims

Accidents can happen at any time of the year, but some accidents are more prevalent in the summer. Below are a few examples of common summer accidents and hazards.

Swimming Pools

As summer temperatures continue to move up on the thermometer anyone wanting to cool off will flock to public pools, neighbor’s pools, friend’s pools, and community pools.  Swimming is a great way to stay cool, exercise, and entertain our youth, but falls and other injuries due to a slip or wet surface (including drowning) can occur.  

Drowning is a leading cause of injury-related death in children and young adults, according to the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

When addressing swimming pools the primary concern is safety, but liability and the risks associated with the swimming pool on your property should also be understood. In the blink of an eye a serious accident can happen without proper maintenance of the pool’s surrounding area and without proper supervision.

What is an Attractive Nuisance?

Swimming pools are considered an attractive nuisance. To simplify this think of the objects as one on your property that may draw the attention of and cause injuries to a child. Another example of an attractive nuisance would be a trampoline. It is the responsibility of the property owner to take care to block access to these items. By building a tall, solid fence—blocking the outside view and hiding the pool from children—will serve you well.

Tip: Ensure that you have adequate lifesaving equipment around your pool and learn basic first aid along with CPR skills. Also do not allow the pool to be accessed without quality adult supervision.

Click here for Water Safety Tips

Boating while intoxicated

Under Connecticut law, no person may operate a boat or watercraft on Connecticut’s waterways while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. An operator must be free from physical or mental disabilities which might interfere with the control of the boat.

BUI (Boating Under the Influence) penalties in Connecticut have increased in recent years The laws for boating under the influence mirror motor vehicle law, in which a person shall be considered to be under the influence of intoxicating liquor if the ratio of alcohol in the blood is 8-hundredths (.08) of one percent or more of alcohol, by weight.

The Coast Guard reports that BUI is the leading contributing factor in recreational boating deaths. The operation of a boat requires much more than staying in a (unmarked) lane. Safe boating requires being mindful of water depths, additional boating traffic, waves and rocks or other dangers lingering beneath the waters surface. Boating and alcohol are just dangerous when mixed. 

Dangers of BUI

Alcohol affects judgment, vision, balance and coordination. These impairments increase the likelihood of accidents afloat for both passengers and boat operators. U.S. Coast Guard data shows that in boating deaths involving alcohol use, over half the victims capsized their boats and/or fell overboard.

Tip: Don’t consume alcohol and drive when boating.

Celebratory Fireworks

To avoid confusion and caution citizens Connecticut Law 29-357 is very specific. Only sparklers are legal in Connecticut.  Sparklers are NON-EXPLOSIVE, NON-AERIAL devices that contain less than 100 grams of pyrotechnic mixture. Sparklers can only be legally used by persons age 16 or older. Novelty items such as party poppers, snakes, smoke devices and anything that emits a flame are not legal for private use in Connecticut. In addition to being illegal exploding devices are dangerous.  The illegal exploding devices have caused serious injury in the past.

Fireworks contribute to many house fires and grass fires during dry summer holidays. Burn injuries are most common and at the worst is the risk of endangerment to human life. If you set off what you believe is “just a little bottle rocket” and it starts a fire, you’re liable for those damages. 

Click here for examples of legal and illegal fireworks.

Summer Fairs, Festivals & Amusement Parks

Traveling fairs draw in folks from miles around to experience the rides and attractions. But, they also bring with them dangers, risks, and liabilities. While Ferris Wheels and roller coasters look thrilling there is always a risk of malfunctions that can cause injury.  Accidents occur frequently at these amusement facilities. With many cable strung across the ground between rides, anxious children running around, even farm animals at the state fairs, there are many “accidents” seemingly in wait to happen.  

Sporting Arenas and Concerts: Outdoor venues are very popular in the summer months and are a great place to take in the big game or a summer concert. If you are attending one of these gatherings you need to also be aware of inadequate security, feuds between fans brought on by alcohol consumption, and the dangers of improper maintenance within the facility that could cause fall-related injuries.

These are just a few of the summer accident liability concerns we all need to be aware of as we leave the safety of our homes now that the winter if falling behind us.

If you or a loved one has suffered or is suffering from an injury from an accident in Connecticut, Tindall Law Firm, LLC will provide you a free initial consultation. Attorney Tavis Tindall will listen to the facts and circumstances of what happened and advise you on what your legal rights are as well as what steps you can take next.

Full and Fair Compensation Is Essential

In addition to the physical and emotional pain of personal injuries, there are often significant financial costs. If the injury was caused by the negligence of another party, you may be able to collect compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, impairment of your earning capacity, pain and suffering, impairment of your life’s normal activities, and other related losses.

The Tindall Law Firm, LLC, provides 25 years of experienced representation to injury victims and their families in Connecticut. We understand your concerns because we have helped thousands of people who were faced with the same issues after a serious injury or a wrongful death. To schedule a free consultation with a Waterbury personal injury lawyer, please call us at  203.755.0018 today.