Accidents Caused by Bad Road Conditions: Who’s at Fault?

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February 18, 2013
Understanding the Civil Damages of DUI
Understanding the Civil Damages of DUI
March 20, 2013

Rarely are bad road conditions a good excuse or the true cause of an accident. This is especially true in New England where we are all accustomed to bad road conditions to some degree throughout the winter months, and cannot claim that we are not used to driving in these conditions. What the law requires in Connecticut is for drivers to use sound judgment in the speed they drive on the icy or snowy roads and maintaining a greater distance between their vehicle and those around them than one would during dry summer driving. This provides them the proper reaction time to stop without colliding with another vehicle. The more icy and snowy the road obviously the slower one should travel, and the greater distance a driver should keep from other vehicles.

As common sense as this sounds, unfortunately people in New England often fail to follow these simple principles and end up causing sometimes catastrophic accidents, which were preventable if they had used proper caution.


Our laws, pertaining to the proper speed of a vehicle in Connecticut, specifically Connecticut General Statutes Section 14-218a and 14-219, make it clear that one must use a reasonable speed for the weather, traffic and road conditions that exist. These laws are written to help prevent accidents from happening on even treacherous roads. Too often drivers fail to do this, violating these important safety rules, thereby resulting in others sustaining injuries, losses and damages. If you are the unfortunate victim of another driver failing to follow the safety rules of the road, which causes you injuries, losses and  damages, please contact the Tindall Law Firm, LLC at 203 755-0018 or toll free at 866 488-8625 so that we can assist you. We are very experienced in handling these types of cases and will be glad to help you receive the compensation which you deserve under our laws for the negligence of another driving violating our safety rules of the road.