Understanding the Civil Damages of DUI

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Understanding the Civil Damages of DUI

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Individuals who recklessly drive their vehicle while under the strong influence of alcohol or drugs has increasingly become a huge problem for innocent pedestrians and other innocent drivers, whose very life and safety can be put at risk. CT law, of course specifically prohibits this conduct both from a criminal perspective and from the civil standpoint. On the criminal side these “drunk drivers” as they are often called can serve jail time and lose their license for a period of time for their dangerous behavior. On the civil side, when these drunk drivers harm other innocent motorists or pedestrians, there are three main CT statues that apply, which prohibit this conduct and can expose the drunk driver, and in many case their insurance company, to a verdict at trial for not only regular money damages, but also double and triple damages and punitive damages for their wrongful conduct in violation of these CT safety traffic laws. C.G.S. Section 14-227a prohibits one from driving while under the influence of intoxicating alcohol or drugs. C.G.S Section 14-222 prohibits one from operating their vehicle recklessly, which can encompass driving a vehicle while drunk or high on drugs. When either of these two safety laws are violated then at trial it becomes almost inevitable that a verdict for double or triple damages and punitive damages will be imposed as allowed under C.G.S Section 14-295 and at our common law. For instance a normal verdict for $50,000.00 could be doubled to $100,000.00 or tripled even to $150,000.00 as a way of punishing the defendant drunk driver for his or her dangerous behavior exposing others to death or serious injury.


Please contact us at Tindall Law Firm, LLC at 293 755-0018 to help you if you have suffered medical bills, lost wages, injuries, or disabilities due to the reckless conduct of a drunk driver.