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Teens and Driving Facts
Teens and Driving – The Facts
April 22, 2013
Wrongful Death Teenager
Connecticut Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Claims Involving Teenagers
May 3, 2013


People who are injured by a teenage driver may make claims against the teen driver  for damages, assuming, of course, they can prove that the teen driver was negligent. In what surprises a lot of people, teenage drivers are held to the same “reasonable person” legal standard of care when operating a motor vehicle as adults are held. This being stated, teen drivers can only be sued when they breach that legal standard.

Since insurance companies will defend the teenage driver ( as they would an adult) and pay for any damages or settlement if the case goes to court, the fact that it is a “teenager” being sued, and the fact that most “teenagers” have no assets, should not in any way discourage the injury victim from suing. Furthermore, most teens are on their parent’s insurance policy and often are driving their parents vehicle.

Sometimes, resulting damages from the accident are more than the insurance policy limits provided by the teen driver’s insurer. In that event, it is often necessary to sue the parents of the teen, if evidence indicates that they were negligent in their supervision of the teen. Also, sometimes a third party (aside from the teen) either caused the accident or contributed in some way to it. In that event, a claim would need to be made against that driver. We know from successful experience how to identify the appropriate defendants in these types of situations. Please contact us to discuss these issues further at Tindall Law Firm, LLC 203 755-0018 or toll free 866 488-8625 or email us at