Prior Injuries: How do they affect Current Accidents

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Prior Injuries

After car accident and rehabilitation, a businessman can return to work again.The company which employing disable people will receive tax deductions benefits. Concept for job recruitment and hiring.

Prior Injuries: How do they affect Current Accidents


With more drivers on the road than ever before, prior injuries from accidents are also on the rise. It seems like everyone has been in more than one accident if they have been driving for any length of time.What would happen if a prior injury you had in your past was aggravated or caused to flare-up again. Does this limit you in what you can recover regarding damages and injuries?

What if you hurt your back 12 years ago and have had no recurring issues after treatment…until this accident? You are now experiencing headaches that you had not felt since your last car accident, or the headaches are more intense and more frequent. These kinds of questions will go through anyone’s mind.

Fortunately, CT law provides a means of recovery for those whose prior injuries are aggravated or caused to flare-up again after being in remission. Further, under CT law the party causing these injuries, losses or damages “takes the victim as they find them” and cannot escape responsibility for these harms they cause others by arguing that the harmed individual had a prior injury.

The defendant is responsible in money damages for the increased harm to that prior injury or for causing an old injury to resurface again. Other injured parties can have a pre-existing condition that never caused them any symptoms or required any treatment until they experience physical trauma from an accident caused by another’s wrongful conduct. Under CT law, the defendant is responsible for money damages, such as for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, increased permanent disability, and impact upon one’s life activities, if his or her wrongful conduct  causes an innocent individual’s prior latent condition to become symptomatic, or the defendant causes an aggravation of a prior injury in the innocent party.

At Tindall Law Firm, LLC we are very experienced in helping those with prior injuries to receive the just compensation to which they are entitled. Please contact us with any questions on this topic or any other legal issues by calling us at  (203755-0018 or visiting us online at  with all your legal needs.