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Individuals in every industry are susceptible to workplace injuries. However, there are often ways to prevent these injuries. By recognizing workplace hazards, employers and employees alike can take steps to mitigate risks and prevent employee injuries. Some of the most common injuries that American workers sustain include:

This injury results when someone is working too hard. Manufacturing companies must fulfill certain quotas and may push workers harder. Workers may carry heavy objects without help and work quickly to meet their employer’s needs. These injuries can often be prevented by employers hiring additional personnel, providing workers with adequate rest breaks and implementing policies that help recognize overexertion and curtail it.


One of the most common workplace injuries is falls. Workers may fall on the same level, or they may fall to a lower level. Construction workers may fall off scaffolding. Office workers may fall on stairs. Workers may slip on debris left on the floor, rugs or other trip hazards. Slips and falls occur when liquids or other items fall onto the floor and make a slipper surface. Other falls occur when people try to reach objects at a higher level and stand on chairs or other objects not designed for the task. Each of these issues may be resolved before a problem occurs with caution and adherence to workplace safety. Additionally, compliance with OSHA standards can help provide fall protection, which is one of the most common OSHA violations.

Struck by Object

Workers may unexpectedly be hit by an object. Construction workers may drop tools that hit other workers below them. A workplace fight may result in an employee being pushed against a piece of machinery. Items that are not stacked properly may fall onto the worker below them.

Caught in Machinery

Many workplace fatalities are the result of workers being stuck or crushed in machinery or by heavy objects. Using lock out/tagout procedures can often eliminate such catastrophes. Additionally, adhering to workplace safety guidelines implemented by the employer can often help avoid these types of workplace accidents.

Repetitive Motions

When a person performs the same job on a routine basis in which he or she uses his or her wrists, hands and fingers in the same manner, he or she may develop a repetitive motion injury. This is common for people who perform clerical work as well as individuals who work in manufacturing and artisan industries. Sometimes using protective equipment or repositioning the body in a more ergonomic manner can help prevent these injuries.

Toxic Exposure

American workers may be exposed to a wide variety of harmful chemicals and substances. These often include pathogens, biological hazards, lead, asbestos, glues, solvents, pesticides and other dangerous substances that are dangerous to ingest. Employers can provide protective equipment to prevent workers from inhaling or otherwise ingesting these dangerous substances. Additionally, measures can be taken to reduce exposure to such substances.

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Source: https://www.hg.org – Law Articles – Legal articles written by lawyers discussing aspects related to industries, businesses and individuals.

At Tindall Law firm, LLC we are very experienced in helping those injured in various accidents, which are caused by the wrongful conduct of another who violates the traffic safety laws, or fails to follow premises’ safety rules, or workplace safety rules. We fight on your behalf to help you receive the just compensation to which you are entitled to cover the harms and losses, which you have sustained. Please contact us with any questions on this topic or any other legal issues by calling us at (203) 755-0018 or visiting us online at http: //tindall-lawfirm.com with all your legal needs.