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Truck Accidents

We Fight the Trucking Company’s Insurance Carrier for You

One of the most challenging aspects of commercial trucking accident cases is fighting the trucking company’s insurance carrier. The trucking company will have an accident response team of investigators, lawyers and insurance adjusters working to protect the company from liability. Without your own attorney, no one will be protecting your interests.
At Tindall Law Firm, LLC, we will investigate the accident to determine liability and ensure that the insurance company compensates you fairly. Our firm provides representation to people injured in accidents in Connecticut with semis, 18-wheelers and other large commercial vehicles such as delivery trucks. For a free consultation with a Waterbury truck accident injury attorney, please call  203.755.0018 or contact us online.

Aggressively Pursuing Injury and Wrongful Death Compensation

Numerous state and federal regulations govern the trucking industry. To save time and money, however, trucking companies and their drivers sometimes look for ways to get around the safety regulations. This may include exceeding the hours limitations, keeping fraudulent driver logbooks, violating truck safety and maintenance regulations, or improperly securing cargo. Unfortunately, these violations can cause catastrophic or fatal accidents.
Truck accident victims may suffer serious injuries, including:

The severe nature of these injuries may mean that extensive medical treatment is necessary. Lengthy hospital stays, surgeries, rehabilitative therapy and daily care are just a few examples of the medical care you may need. To cover the cost of your medical bills, you will need compensation from the trucking company. In wrongful death cases, you may also receive compensation for funeral expenses, loss of future income of the victim and loss of consortium.

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