What Happens when Seat Belts Fail

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August 20, 2013
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We have come to trust our seat belts, but what happens when our seat belts fail to protect us?

The use of seat belts has been strongly promoted in the United States for many years. Current legislation requires that seat belts be used in most situations while occupying a vehicle. Studies show that buckling up can radically increase your chances of surviving a motor vehicle accident and preventing severe injuries. Please buckle up at any time when operating a motor vehicle.


Current laws require that seat belts be worn while operating a vehicle.

The violation of not wearing a seat belt is a secondary enforcement, meaning that a police officer may only cite a driver for a seat belt violation if the driver committed another primary violation that led to the stop in the first place. Though in Connecticut and many other states the police will set up seat belt stops to crack down on those not using seat belts, and issue citations.


Defective seat belts by manufacturers have led to serious injuries and even fatalities. According to the Center for Auto Safety, there have been over 180 recalls involving seat belts in both commercial and passenger vehicles from 2000 to 2006. There have been a range of seat belt design flaws and inadequacies:


  • Belt webbing being cut by another part rubbing against it
  • Buckles that seem to latch but don’t
  • Shoulder belts that might not retract
  • Lap belt only designs
  • Seat belt may not holding an occupant in place
  • The retractor component of a seat belt malfunction, leaving slack in the seat belt
  • Other failures of a mechanical components of the seat belt system


As a result of defective or faulty seat belts, individuals may suffer serious injuries:


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