Do You Need to Report a Car Accident to the Police in Connecticut

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May 28, 2020
Transportation for your medical treatment after a vehicle accident
Transportation for your medical treatment after a vehicle accident
July 15, 2020

Do you need to report a car accident to the police in Connecticut?

Yes. According to the Connecticut Motor Vehicle Laws it is mandatory to report all vehicle accidents, no matter how minor as soon after the accident as possible.

Often an accident occurs when traveling to a predetermined destination in which you have calculated you’re approximate arrival time. When an accident occurs you cannot be in a hurry to get to your destination. Take the time to proceed in the correct manner to prevent issues in the future.

Assessing the situation:

If this is your first accident you will most certainly be emotional. Just take a minute to gather your composure. This is the time you will need to be calm to assess the situation.

Never try to exit the vehicle if you are in heavy traffic until it is safe to do so. Be aware of the danger of fire from fuel leaks and approaching traffic. Turn on your flashing lights immediately. Call the police immediately and see if they want you to move the vehicle to the side of the road. The operator will have to ask you a couple questions, cooperate with them and try to answer clearly. Information they will need is the location of the accident, direction of travel, number of vehicles involved and if the vehicles are on shoulder or in traffic. If you notice any witnesses to the accident ask them to please stay until the officer arrives. If they have to leave obtain their name and phone number. If able you can take photos of the vehicles, property damage and location of the accident – SAFELY. Do not step into traffic or put yourself in harm’s way.

If you can safely keep the vehicle where it is, then try to do so until the officer arrives so he or she can document how the accident happened. If you move the vehicle prior to the officer arriving then it makes it harder for them to reconstruct what occurred.

Often, after an accident occurs most people report that their adrenaline is pumping and they are numb or in shock. During this excited state it is hard to know if you really are injured or not. Most often accident victims report after they calm down several hours after the accident that is when they begin to feel pain and soreness all over their body that they did not feel at the scene, due to being in shock and having the adrenaline rush. If you feel any pain, just stay in the vehicle, if it is safe to do so, until help arrives.

What information you need to exchange after an auto accident:

When the officer arrives, he or she will obtain all relevant contact information for you and the other party or parties involved in the accident. Follow the officer’s  instructions and cooperate with the police. They will request your identification and proof of insurance and verify your address.

If the officer cannot come to the scene, then obtain the full names, addresses and contact information, including drivers license number of vehicle operators involved in the accident, and their license plate. It is smart to take a picture of the license plate and vehicle and a picture with your phone of their insurance card.

What to do if you hit a parked vehicle with no one inside:

If you have an accident involving an unmanned vehicle and cannot find the owner make sure you leave your contact information about the accident on the car and take a couple photos of the damage to each vehicle and the scene if you are able. You will still need to report the accident to the authorities, or you can be arrested for evading responsibility for an accident.

What to do if your vehicle needs to be towed after an accident:

Your vehicle may need to be towed. If this is the case, you can tell the officer where you would like the vehicle towed if you do not select a place then the officer will have it towed one of the listed storage yards. Collect your personal items/valuables. If you have a car seat for minors make sure you remove them as well.  You can have someone pick you up at the location or nearby after the report has been filed. If your vehicle is drive-able, you may be able to move your vehicle from the scene. If you are able to drive your vehicle you should take and have a mechanic inspect it to verify that it is safe to operate before traveling any distance.

Do you need to see a doctor after a minor accident?

It would be a wise decision to seek medical attention if you were in an accident. As mentioned above, often times you are not aware of injuries until after you calm down several hours after the accident or even the next day after you wake up from sleeping. Even accidents occurring at speeds with not a lot of visible damage to the vehicles can still result in very serious and permanent injuries. The amount of damage to the car does not always correlate with the amount of damage to one’s body.

Make sure you keep all of your records of the accident report, contact information that was exchanged and medical records together.

If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident you should contact an attorney.

Car accident victims can suffer a range of injuries, from neck and back soft tissue injuries, to broken bones, to brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. Whether the injury causes temporary or permanent disability, you will require compensation for medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering. To recover adequate compensation, you will definitely need representation from an experienced attorney. If you are making a claim, it is strongly suggested you contact an attorney prior to speaking to the insurance companies. Do not give a statement to the insurance companies either prior to speaking to an attorney.

At Tindall Law Firm, LLC, we fight to recover damages for car accident victims in Connecticut. With 23 years of experience, attorney Tavis Tindall has the knowledge and skill to hold the at fault driver’s insurance company accountable for your losses. For a free consultation with a Waterbury car accident injury lawyer, please call 203.755.0018 or contact us online. To learn more visit