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January 7, 2023
Never Leave the Scene of auto accident

Why You Should Never Leave the Scene of an Accident

There are serious penalties in Connecticut for drivers who leave the scene of an accident, especially when property is damaged or a person has been injured […]
October 25, 2022
Am I Liable if Someone Else Causes Accident While Driving My Car in Connecticut

“Am I Liable if Someone Else Causes Accident While Driving My Car in Connecticut?”

Car insurance usually is covered by the vehicle that is involved in the accident. For example, if you allow another person to drive your vehicle and […]
January 16, 2014
truck driving ice snow

Ice Missiles – New Law and Your Responsibility

This new law on ice missiles is a welcome new rule to promote safety on the roadways. Just recently, I was driving down I-84 and a […]
July 8, 2013
Prior Injuries

Prior Injuries: How do they affect Current Accidents

Prior Injuries: How do they affect Current Accidents   With more drivers on the road than ever before, prior injuries from accidents are also on the rise. It seems […]
March 20, 2013
Understanding the Civil Damages of DUI

Understanding the Civil Damages of DUI

Individuals who recklessly drive their vehicle while under the strong influence of alcohol or drugs has increasingly become a huge problem for innocent pedestrians and other […]
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